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The Association of Ethiopian Health and Health-related Professionals in Sweden (AEHHPS), was founded in February 1992 in Stockholm with the premises to enable Ethiopians engaged in health-care activities to work together in an organization free from political, religious, ethnic or similar affiliations. The membership includes all Ethiopians engaged with health-and health-related professions and residing in Sweden.

The primary objectives of the association by the time it launched were:

  1. to give health-related humanitarian aid to the needy people of Ethiopia,
  2. to study health-related problems in order to seek constructive solutions,
  3. to establish contacts and co-operation with similar organizations elsewhere,
  4. to spread health related information among Ethiopians residing in Sweden and,
  5. to serve as a forum for mutual assistance between members in their professional lives.
Organizational structure of the Association

Members of the association are governed by the constitution of the Association. The executive board that leads the association for a minimum of one year is elected every year by the general assembly.

Executive Board (2008/2009)

  • Dr Biniyam Wondimu          President
  • Nunu Worku                     Secretary
  • Dr Solomon Tilahun           Treasure
  • Berhanu Yemane               Board member
  • Dr Daniel Tesfa                 Board member

Public Relations (Information) Committee

  • Dr Wubshet Mamo            Chairperson
  • Dr Meseret Mengistu         Member
  • Hirut Tekeste                  Member

Organizing (Fund Raising) Committee

  • Yodit Assefa                   Chairperson
  • Nunu Worku                    Member
  • Huda Mohammed              Member
  • Hanna Teffera                 Member

Project Committee

  • Dr Wubshet Mamo           Chairperson
  • Dr Biniyam Wondimu         Member

The association started its operations in Ethiopia by collecting and sending medicines and other medical supplies to the Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa. Unfortunately, this attempt was short lived because of some administrative difficulties. Thus, after evaluating the first attempt discontinued the supply of medical materials to health institutions in Ethiopia, and decided to assist projects within the health sector, preferably in the area of Primary Health Care instead.


Dr Binyam Wondimu. The President of AEHHPS